The Problem with Noah’s Ark

If there is one topic that professing Christians seem reluctant to address in debates about origins, it is the notion that Noah’s ark was in fact used to preserve animal species during a worldwide flood.  In the video clips that follow, Philip Johnson and Doug Wilson both seem reluctant to comment on the ark.  Perhaps a better approach would be to ask the questioner what part of the flood narrative he regards as implausible, and then answer the specific objection.  After all, if God can speak whole worlds into being…think about it…speak whole worlds into being, then surely he could prepare an ark that would preserve non-aquatic, air-breathing animals during the flood.  Some may object that the Ark was far too small for this.  But the actual measurements of the ark, and a realistic accounting of the animal species riding out the flood suggest that the vessel was more than adequate–this in much the same way that the population of the earth–the last time I checked this stat–will fit into an area the size of Jacksonville, Florida, giving everyone a generous 2’x2′ patch of ground to occupy.  Some assertions seems ridiculous on their face, but the numbers bear them out.


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